Saturday, April 4, 2009

March's winner ....

Congrats to Beth who created this amazing layout using inspiration from our first challenge of the month. You were our random winner so send over your addy and we'll make sure to get your great prize to ya.

Thanks again to Michelle from Bubbly Shnooks for sponsoring us. Everyone loved your stuff (and those new bunny stickers are just too cute!).

The first challenge for the month of April will be posted tomorrow ... sorry for the delay, things have been hectic over here! Thanks for being so patient.

~Stay Pretty!!~


Beth Perry said...

Thank you so much!! That was the first time I had used this site for inspiration and I absolutely loved it. This place helps me to think outside the box.
Thanks again! I will send you an email.

AMY HOANG said...

BETH!! That's an amazing layout. So colorful and fun! Congrats!