Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Alright, so technically 12 Days of Scrap-Mas started yesterday but we had a big snowstorm here and didn't have power (so no internet access) .... don't worry, though ... we'll make it up to you. There will be two posts on Christmas Eve and we'll throw in a bonus RAK as well. Are you feeling all festive? Are you in the holiday spirit? All of us on the design team are, and we can't wait to spend the next eleven days sharing holiday inspiration and some fun tutorials with you.

And so, without further delay ....
On the 1st day of Scrap-Mas, the Pretty Committee gave to me: an awesome tutorial by design team member Bekka!

One of my very favorite ornaments is a string of pretty beads. So when I saw these beads in Michael's a few weeks ago, I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I dug through my craft supplies and found some wire my mom had given me a few years ago. It was out of the packaging, but I think it's called "Fun Wire". I like working with it because it's very easy to bend, and very forgiving when you make a mistake. Oh, and because it comes in pretty colors. I selected a few beads, and started arranging them on the wire. I don't cut the wire at this point, because I really don't know how many beads I'm going to use.
Once I'm happy with the way the ornament looks, I cut the wire. I leave about ¼" at the bottom of the ornament, and 1" at the top.
Then I loop the bottom and tuck the end of the wire inside the last bead.

Once the bottom of the ornament is secured, I create a loop at the top of the ornament…

…and then twist it closed. This is why I like the Fun Wire, because I can easily correct my mistakes.
All that's left to do is hang it on the tree. I have a mini tree, so the loop fits perfectly over the branches.
I'm so addicted to making these ornaments! Here are a few more.

Thank you Bekka for that wonderful tutorial. And ladies, if you follow Bekka's lead and make some ornaments of your own be sure to post your creations!
Don't forget to complete our first December challenge and look out for the second challenge on December 15th. You have until December 31st to complete the challenges and secure a shot of winning the fabulous prize kit from Scrapbook Deals 4 U.


Anonymous said...

o0o0o0! i LOVE homemade ornaments! always a great way to make your tree look pretty. i have tons of beads, so i might work on this later this week if i find time!


Liza said...

Love it! Those are really pretty ornaments! Something different to liven up the Christmas tree!

Donna said...

Beautiful beaded ornaments!!! That's a wonderful idea. Definitely something I can try to do with the girls over winter break!


Txracy said...

Homemade ornaments, I think, are what make the tree! I love how simple these are to make, even I can't mess this up, LOL =)